Swixer IMAGE

We produce photo shoots and hand pick our photographers to match all kinds of photo productions. No matter what your story is, what image you have in mind or what stage you are at we create images in all locations. From the smallest alley in Old Town to the northern lights in Lapland, in a hidden backyard in Budapest or in our studio – wherever the image will reach its full potential we’ve got your back.

Swixer Style

No matter if you want to shoot a product, a portrait or create an image that is only in your head we combine great artistry, technology, retouch and think outside that box. We are darn good at building stories and staging scenes (just like in the movies) and like the idea of putting a cinematic touch to most things we do –  regardless if it’s a portrait or a product being shoot. We do of course shoot regular documentation work as well and capture moments just the way they are too. And when it comes to products, to us they are key! Taking the core essence out of a product and bringing it to life makes us just love our work.

Small or big scale production, real or fiction – to get Swixing with it, throw us an email: info@swixerfilm.se!