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About us

Welcome to the Swixer Factory. We bring strategic plans, creation, production and media all under one roof. We also do production service and have Fixers all over Scandinavia. With an international mindset in everything we do we help clients from all over the world, all over the world. We hand-pick teams of experts for each and every project and work with all sizes of productions. Shoe string or big budget. 

Think of our way of working like a hat fitting. We know size, shapes and needs are different. One hat can’t fit all that’s why we adapt our services to each and every client. Perhaps you have your branding in place but need help with communicating it trough film. Or you need help with the whole package: strategy, branding, website building, media production and plattforms. In either way – the most important thing for us is that you will get a hat that fits. 

CREATIVE & STRATEGY              

Branding & Visual Identity

Strategic Planning & Research
Media Strategy
Creative Ideas
Creative Workshops



Creative idéas
Film Production
Digital Production
Motion Graphics & Animation
Editing and Post-Production
Set Design & Build
Production service


Full production service
Crew & equipment
Locations & casting
Logistics & Transport

We operate all across Scandinavia!


Web Design & Development
Digital Strategy & Production

E-Marketing Campaigns
Digital Media Buy
Content Marketing
Social Media Advertising
Community Management
Analytics & Reports
App Development
Print media & Production
Strategy & Planning


Swixer started off as a production service company in Sweden 2014 offering full production services to clients all over the world. Since then we’ve worked with a wide range of clients and productions within all areas of media production: TV-series, commercials, documentaries, corporate, features as well as still shoots. 


Through out the years we’ve built our network with talents located all over the world. Directors, Photographers, Set Dressers, Fixers, Producers, actors, strategists, web designers – you name it. This mash up of people, cultures and knowledge is not only something that we value highly but also something that defines what Swixer is all about.