About us

Swixer Film is a Swedish production company for film and photography founded by Fatima Lagerås. We produce content for all platforms and help international clients with their shoots in Sweden. We are also known as ’The Swedish Fixer’ and provide full production service and fixing: from crew to locations, casting to craft services we’ve done it all. Based in the heart of Stockholm we are proud to have done work for clients all over the world including brands like: Apple TV, Microsoft, Volvo, Netflix, Bloomberg, CNN, Google, ESPN and Mercedes, to name a few.


We produce content for all platforms and help brands all across the world communicate through visual storytelling and great ideas. We work with national and international campaigns for small and large brands.  

Our network is built on talented creatives and producers who are passionated and driven by great results. We take great pride being creative, strategic and solution orientated. 

Shoe string or big budget – no production is too big or small!



We help international clients from all over the world with their shoot in Sweden. We offer full production service and can handle all parts of a production.

We have a flexible approach and can provide management, crew, equipment, logistics, locations casting and permits.

For all of your commercial, documentary, film, still or digital production, we got you covered.

We are based in Stockholm but work all across Sweden.

SWIXER PHOTO                                                     

We produce photo shoots and hand pick our photographers to match all kinds of photo productions. No matter what your story is, what image you have in mind or what stage you are at we create images in any location or in our studio. 

We work with freelance photographers in most categories: event & documentation, fashion, lifestyle, portrait, product, corporate etc. We also have great network of stylists, Make Up Artists and Set Dressers.  

Small or big scale production, real or fiction – to get Swixing with it, throw us an email: info@swixerfilm.se!



Our Location Scouts know all the best places to film across Sweden. From the smallest alley in Gamla Stan to the northern light in Lapland. We have also got access to location libraries and work with Location Managers all across Sweden.

No matter if you’re looking for a location in the city, out on the countryside or a beautiful scenerie in Stockholm archipelago we know where to find most locations.

We will of course also take care of all paperwork and getting the essential permits for your shoot. Get in touch if you have a specific location in mind or need suggestions.


We offer Local Film & Photo crews for all kinds of productions. Our network is built on experiance freelancers who are fluent in English and used to work with international productions.

We offer crew for all roles and our network contains Producers, Line Producers, Fixers, DoPs, sound operators, gaffers, stylists, drivers and PAs. You name it.

We know the value of working with trusted local crew when shooting far away from home. Gaining this trust from our clients means the world to us. That’s why we’ve built our network on Sweden’s most talented and reliable people in the industry. 


We work with Casting Directors and can provide models, actors, streetcasts or extras with a unique skillsets to fit your brief.

Commercial, documentary, film, still or digital production – we cast for all productions.

We have our own photo and casting studio and can provide you with cast of all ages and nationalities required.

Let us know your requirements and we will offer you the best cast options for your production.


SWIXER Camera & equipment hire

Swixer work with kit suppliers for Camera, light and Sound Equipment Hire in Sweden. We can an get anything from a Canon 5D, C300 to a Arri Alexa or RED.

In Sweden we keep really high quality in terms of crew and equipment. Booking locally means not only keeping your budget down but also saving the planet from unnecessary flying.

Booking through us also means getting the best equipment for your budget, at the very best price.




Swixer is both a full-service production and fixing company for all your production needs. Specializing in producing and fixing for overseas production companies and agencies wishing to shoot in Sweden we provide Fixers for all productions.

We help produce commercials, documentaries, films, TV productions, corporate and digital content.

Our Fixers can assist in fining locations, crewing, coordinating and creating cost effective budgets.

Travel & accommodation requirements, is also something we can help you with of course.